Genoa – It doesn’t take much

‘It Doesn’t Take Much!’ workshop aims to prove how minimal interventions can change the perception of spaces and the their usability and how we can trigger spontaneous use of the space with low-cost and easy to implement measures. The workshops intent is to directly intervene in the public space of the historical center of Genova, observing and documenting with film, how the interventions effect people’s behaviours.


Project: It Doesn't take much Project type: Workshop Client: New Generations Festival Date: 2015 Status: Complete Collaborators: Openfabric Team: Daryl Mulvihill, Francesco Garofalo, Laura Arrighi, Elisa Barbagelata, Elisabetta Canepa, Marta Carraro, Andrea Caspoli, Chiara Centanaro, Simone Ierardi, Valentina Penna, Emanuela Roascio, Annalisa Stella, Davide Ventura