Stanaway Park – Dublin – Europan 9

Awarded 2nd place.

EUROPAN is an international architectural competition occurring every two years, my entry “Suburban Consolidation” for a site at Stannaway Park in Dublin was awarded second place.

Rapid paced development in Dublin has lead to endless low density suburbs surrounding the centre connected by a poor quality public realm. This monofunctional sprawl is lacking in local identity and quality green space, its also carbon intensive and unsustainable. This proposal aims to consolidate the suburbs into clearly defined neighbourhoods with a low ecological impact achieved through creating a high density fabric with adaptable building typologies linked by quality public spaces and biodiverse parks.

To generate conditions for this our urban strategy defines a new spatial hierarchy for suburban transformation. The interventions in the study sites respond to this. The park becomes a new neighbourhood centre with a range of extra functions; space for food growing, sports and a community centre. Hard landscape elements are inspired by ancient Ogham script.

Next to the park the elderly housing complex forms a street edge and creates an interior world with a summer and winter garden joined by a communal living room. Semi public functions occupy ground level bringing animation and interaction to the street.


Project type: Architectural Competition Client: Europan - Dublin City Council Date: 2007 Status: Complete