The A10 is an essential component of Amsterdams urban fabric. A road that encircles, connects and divides the city, it however remains as an intangible element detached from the Amsterdam that it is so closely connected to. This short film is a visual portrait of the road intertwined with observations from Amsterdammers who come into contact with the A10. In Dutch with English subtitles.

The film was produced during the Week van de Stad 2014 in an open presentation format at WOW Amsterdam, with three screens looping the raw footage and interviews; while the edit and some extra interviews took place beside the installation.


The film was commissioned by Stad-Forum and Non-fiction for Week van de Stad 2014.

Lillies and Snow – Darren McClure and Danny Clay
For Itself – Darren McClure
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin McLeod

Thanks to:
Michiel van Iersel
Radna Rumping
Melle Smets
Wouter Veldhuis
Guido Wallagh
Marlies Buurman
Thijs van den Boomen
Arthur Perdijk
Sandra Koenders
Maria van de Poel
Floor van Ast
WOW Amsterdam

Creator: Daryl Mulvihill Project: Ring Project type: Documentary Film Client: Non-fiction / Stadforum Date: November 2014 Status: Complete Collaborators: René Boer