The A10 is a large infrastructural object cutting right through Amsterdam’s urban landscape. You are either inside or outside the A10, it is a circle of opposites, simultaneously divisive and connective, intangible yet physical, it is Amsterdam’s biggest urban element.

This essential thread in Amsterdam’s urban fabric is used daily by thousands of people to travel in, around and through the city, it remains however an intangible detached from the city that it is so intricately connected to. Its construction has influenced the development of Amsterdam and has resulted in a major division between the inner-city areas and the suburbs and along its edges it a diverse and problematic urban landscape has appeared known as the ‘ringzone’. The contasts that the A10 brings into focus forms the basis for this documentary project.


Please get in contact if you would like to host a screening: daryl [@] dmau.com


Funded by the Creative Industry Funds NL and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst









Creator: Daryl Mulvihill Project: A10 Project type: Documentary Film Status: Submitted to festivals