dmau is a multidisciplinary office based in Amsterdam that combines public space design and urban research, founded in 2012 by Irish architect and documentary filmmaker Daryl Mulvihill (1977).

Our public space designs combine formal placemaking components with informal participatory spaces to create places that foster deep connections with their surrounding communities. The results are inclusive people centred spaces that are open to multiple different uses and users.

The first realised public space design is the prize winning “Into the Wild” – Grevelingenveld an 8,000m2 playscape and schoolyard in The Hague’s, Rivierenbuurt it opened to the public in 2014. Work is currently underway on the realisation of a second 5,000m2 playscape in Amsterdam commissioned by the Richard Krajicek Foundation.

At DMAU filmmaking is integral to the way we capture and understand how our cities and places work. The film work focuses on stories about places and communities telling these stories with a strong emphasis on the visual characteristics of the place intertwined with personal character-driven portraits. The Green Backyard 2012 (15 mins) is a portrait of a participatory public space in Peterborough created from a wasteland by a crew of eager volunteers. Brixton Market 2011 (6mins) looks at gentrification in one of London’s most dynamic neighbourhoods. dmau is currently working on a 40min film about the A10 Ringzone in Amsterdam funded by the Dutch Creative Industry Funds and the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

Daryl has previously worked for the offices of MUST, Urhahn Urban Design and KCAP. At KCAP he was a project leader responsible for a number of urban design projects, from regional landscape masterplans to sensitive inner city developments. He was a lead designer on the London Olympic Legacy Masterplan, and next to this was successful in leading different teams to gain first place in a number of international competitions.