Cairdeas – through to second round.

Our project Cairdeas has been selected for the second round of the Homes for Smart Ageing Universal Design Challenge organised by Rebuilding Ireland. The project develops the good work already underway by Amicitia in Athenry Co. Galway, Ireland. We developed this concept further using the 7 principles of universal design as our guidelines and are working towards creating a prototype that can begin to address some of the many issues facing the small town in rural Ireland.

In short Cairdeas provides homecare support for older people using modern technologies; the home is linked to a telecare and social hub in the centre of the town. The project operates around a community development platform, allowing other organisations to get involved and revenue to be redistributed towards spatial interventions that improve the public realm of the town for all age groups. This strengthens local networks and promotes micro‐enterprises to build lifetime rural communities.

Our work for the second phase is already underway, currently in a research phase we are keen to talk to anybody who may find this approach interesting so please get in touch if that’s you. The second phase will be complete mid June.

Full project info here


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